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Which Flower Makes your Zodiac Sign Bloom?


Experts claim that household plants are closely tied to the zodiac signs. They recommend that each sign furnish their home with their corresponding zodiac flower. According to them, doing so will improve your health, reduce stress and help you be in harmony with yourself and others. Here are the zodiac flowers for each zodiac sign:

Azalea for Aries

The sign ruler of Aries is Mars. Red flowers that bloom during winter are characteristic for them.

Kalanchoe for Taurus

Taureans need short and unpretentious plants. Their zodiac flowers are evergreen alocasia, kalanchoe and campanula (little bell).

Ferns for Gemini

Geminis love showy flowers. Their zodiac flowers are lacy ferns, asparagus and tillandsia.

Aloe for Cancer


Cancers are sensitive and as such love delicate, gentle flowers. Household plants suitable for them are ones with juicy and fleshy leaves, such as agave and aloe.

Gardenia for Leo

Leos love the luxury they think they deserve. The flowers for them have to match their temperament. Gardenia, camellia and hydrangea are ideal for them.

Pachira for Virgo

Virgos are humble. Suitable flowers for them are pachira and monstera. The perfect present for them is a lemon or mandarin tree.

Chrysanthemum for Libra

Libras are aesthetes. The zodiac flowers for them are vrieseas, peace lilies, orchids and especially chrysanthemums.

Poison oleander for Scorpio

Scorpios posses a hidden energy within themselves. They need flowers to balance them - laceleaf with its restrainability or poison oleander, based on the principle of like attracts like.

Dracaena for Sagittarius

The best flowers for Sagittarii are those with long leaves. Their zodiac plants are Dracaena, Sansevieria and philodendron.

Ficus for Capricorn

Matching the patient but strict temperament of Capricorns are the slow growing household plants. Ideal for them are Lithops, Zanzibar gems, Ficus and Pigmyweeds.

Bonsai for Aquarius


Aquarians love the nonstandard. That is why the perfect flowers for them are ones with an asymmetric shape. The plant for them is bonsai - an embodiment of the exotic and nonstandard.

Begonia for Pisces

Household moisture-loving plants are ideal for Pisces. Petunia, Begonia, Hyacinthus and Schefflera are the perfect match for this zodiac sign.