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Coffee Divination: What Does an Elephant Image Foretell?


The elephant is an animal that typically symbolizes wisdom, strength, calm and luck. But what does its image at the bottom of a coffee cup portend?

Generally speaking, the appearance of an elephant image when divining with coffee is linked to your material status and successes. If it's at the bottom of your cup, expect a new person to enter your life, one who will change your status and views to their core. This is going to be a stable and influential person who is going to set your life in a new direction.

If the elephant appears along the sides of the cup, it foretells that you are going to break through the obstacles barring your way. You're finally going to overcome a stumbling block that's long been torturing you and will be able to enjoy your good fortune.

Another good sign is if an elephant forms near the lip of the cup. It means you're going to enjoy excellent collaboration with your coworkers, as well as great financial proceeds. It's also possible that a person will enter your life who will serve as your guardian and leader.

Also pay mind to the elephant's trunk. If it has its trunk stretched up, it means your efforts will be rewarded with success. You're going to be publicly recognized.

If, however, its trunk is relaxed downward, don't feed high hopes in terms of your work. You might find yourself disappointed by the behavior of coworkers and bosses. There's also a danger of you experiencing grief in your personal life.