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How the Beautiful Helen of Troy May Have Looked Like

Helen of Troy
Image: Twitter

Helen of Troy, who according to historians was the main reason leading to the Trojan War, was considered an unearthly beauty.

So many legends have arisen about the daughter of Zeus's beauty that countless artists have over the centuries attempted to capture her likeness onto canvas and in sculpture alike.

Even though the image of the beautiful Helen continues to be shrouded in mystery today, many of the works dedicated to her continue to be a significant part of museums and galleries.

But how exactly did the wife of King Menelaus look like? Historians cannot answer this question categorically. It has been proposed though, that she had either green or blue eyes.

It was also likely that her hair was golden, wavy or curly. Or at least that is how the majority of artists recreated her image.

Below you'll find some of the most infamous images of the beautiful Helen which today provide us a better understanding of how the legendary beauty may have looked like.