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If you know many languages, you will live longerIf you know many languages, you will live longer
13 Feb.
People who speak many languages, increase their ability to master the complex processes of thought. Knowledge of several languages may even delay the age changes in the body. Multilingualism is very useful, it helps to...
The First Colonists on Mars to Live in IgloosThe First Colonists on Mars to Live in Igloos
06 Jan.
One will be the sleep zone for colonists, with another for rest, food preparation and even an orchard. They are designed to house a crew of 4....
2 More Planets are Hidden Beyond Pluto2 More Planets are Hidden Beyond Pluto
23 June
Spanish astronomers proclaimed that it is very possible for 2 more planets to be hiding past Pluto, with both having unusually large dimensions and affecting the other heavenly bodies around them....
Women suffer more often from insomnia - reasonsWomen suffer more often from insomnia - reasons
25 Feb.
- Lasts less than three weeks, disappears spontaneously or taking drugs. When such a condition persists for more than a month then you should contact the therapist....
Proven! We Hear Even During SleepProven! We Hear Even During Sleep
23 Sept.
The results revealed that men had dreams related to sex, work and aggression more often. Women more often had dreams related to family, their everyday routine and clothes....
How to Get Enough Sleep QuicklyHow to Get Enough Sleep Quickly
15 Aug.
But what if the constant busyness simply does not allow you to get enough sleep like a normal person and you have much less than 8 hours at your disposal?...
Lack of Sleep Provokes False MemoriesLack of Sleep Provokes False Memories
15 Aug.
A study shows that a lack of sleep can lead to false memories. The study is the 1st of its kind and has determined that less than 5 hours of sleep per night is linked to the formation of false memories....
Excess Sleep is Dangerous as WellExcess Sleep is Dangerous as Well
04 July
For those people who sleep more than 9 hours a night, there is a 50% greater risk of them developing diabetes as opposed to those who sleep about 7 hours a night. One of the authors of the American study - prof....
Don't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann LinesDon't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann Lines
28 June
You will wake up more easily around 6 AM instead of at 7 AM, when the drop in energy commences once again. It is most unhealthy to sleep in areas where the so-called Hartmann lines intersect....
Feng Shui principles for good sleepFeng Shui principles for good sleep
13 Mar.
To sleep well, never locate your bed against a mirror. People, who sleep on this bed, can have health problems....
Sleep helps us remember new informationSleep helps us remember new information
19 Sept.
Study of the brain waves of volunteers during sleep, showed that deep sleep is much more than rapid eye movement, and even light sleep helps in absorbing new information....
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
If ordinary sleep disorders are 2 to 4 percent, then a sleepwalker and sexsomnia occur much more frequently. Dr....
Sleep Helps us Remember New InformationSleep Helps us Remember New Information
15 Apr.
Study of the brain waves of the volunteers during sleep showed that deep sleep, much more than REM sleep or light sleep, helped in taking in new information....
Reasons for Insomnia and Troubled SleepReasons for Insomnia and Troubled Sleep
20 Mar.
The amount of sleep lost is significantly less than what patients reveal. There are many reasons for insomnia....
Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatmentSleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment
27 July
Commonly these symptons will occure during the night time, during the late stages of sleep! The woken person if woken will be unable to get back to sleep, feeling restless and tired will not aid sleep in this instance....

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