How to Increase your Daily Dose of Laughter

Watch more comedies. TV programs and movies offer a variety of comedic masterpieces that'll make you laugh to tears.

Spend more time with your friends. A laughing person usually causes a chain reaction.

Find humor and positivity in your daily life. When things aren't going well, try to see it as a valuable lesson that'll help you in the future.


Find the funny side of your failures and try to laugh at them.

Another unique way to obtain your daily dose of laughter is to pretend that you're laughing. Surprisingly, "fake" laughter has the same beneficial effect on the body as genuine laughter.

Don't forget that laughter will make you not only happier but more beautiful too. It grants the eyes a specific, charming shine. The reason is that laughing for an extended time releases little tears from the tear ducts that give the eyes a shine.

Laughter is also beneficial for sleep. When you laugh you "massage" the muscles of your palate and throat, which is good for sleep quality, plus it reduces snoring.


Additionally, laughter never fails to improve the quality of relationships - whether we're talking about friends or love. The very act of laughter creates an atmosphere of freedom and trust. That kind of relationship is extremely difficult to destroy.

Last but not least, laughter benefits your social life. Researchers say that laughter is used on a subconscious level by society as a sign that a given person can become a worthy member of the group. It delivers approval and positive interaction with others.

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