What the Stars Have in Store for all Zodiac Signs Today - February 17

The presence of the waning gibbous Moon in Scorpio continues to have a strong effect on all zodiac signs, fueled by the passionate energy of Scorpio and his desire for control in all aspects of life.

The dynamics of events may turn out to be slightly nerve-racking for certain zodiac signs, who prefer to have events develop more consistently and slowly. The more energetic signs, such as Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius, will welcome this because they will be given the opportunity to realize the plans they've long been devising.

Mars and Mercury find themselves in a harmonious aspect, which will be felt most intensely by those in creative fields, especially in journalism or literature. It's going to be a day of truths and powerful words spoken aloud, which may open doors, as well as cause a whole bunch of trouble.


Your energetic nature feels comfortable, you're in your element and shouldn't let any small obstacles infuriate you or put you off the path you've chosen. Try to be positive and maintain a good tone in your communication with others. You may end up saying something which you'll regret later, so it's best to keep your opinion to yourself, at least till tomorrow.


You're going to start the day off in high spirits and a desire to work but you're gradually going to be annoyed by the attitude of your coworkers. Don't let this affect your delivery; soon you'll be able to achieve the results you've been working so hard toward. Your trusting nature may play a bad joke on you today, so don't loan out any money or sign any important documents.


We know you're an important person, several in fact, but there comes a time when you have to grow up and realize that some of your actions can really hurt those around you. It's time to take a look back and take responsibility for your irresponsible behavior from the past several weeks. Act like an adult and ask for forgiveness from those closest to you. You've got an interesting evening ahead.


You're going to wake up slightly indisposed, due to both all the fatigue that's been piling up so far and the drastic change in temperature outside. In some Cancers this may manifest as extreme drowsiness, while others will complain of being on edge and having unstable blood pressure. A short walk, fresh-squeezed juice for lunch and a cup of strong coffee will help you feel a lot better.


You are ambitious and capable but have the bad habit of forgetting the people who have lent you a hand in the difficult times. It's good to return the favor whenever opportunity allows, and one such will present itself today. You may encounter a person from your past, whom you harbor negative feelings toward but you're advised to resist confrontations and attempts at revenge.


The quiet and romantic Virgos aren't going to get the chance to sit down and rest for even 5 min. today because they're going to have a lot of work to do. The challenges don't end there. Instead of the pleasant evening they've been expecting, they're going to have to work overtime. Family issues are also possible, which may even grow into quarrels. If you're a Virgo, pay attention to the food you're eating because food poisoning is possible.


You're not used to making quick decisions in a tense environment but today you're going to have to take up the initiative in order to not only finish your work but to help your coworkers as well. This will call for you to do something nontypical for you - to work as part of a team. Try to swallow your ego and give it your all in order to successfully finish things.


Things around you are developing at breakneck speed, especially at work, where you can except a raise or change in profession quite soon. But whatever plans you may be plotting, try to work well with your coworkers today and most importantly - display tact and discretion, that are so nontypical of you. You can expect good news in your personal life, as well as a particularly nice evening with your family.


You feel wonderful and are in an excellent mood, which is completely understandable. You're expected to have a very dynamic day, filled with many positive emotions. Expect good news, related to a trip abroad that you've long been planning. It would be wise to avoid people who are in a bad mood that may quell some of your enthusiasm. Don't try to argue with them because it's more likely for you to feel saddened, rather than them smiling.


Try as you might, you're not going to manage to finish everything you have planned today, for reasons beyond your control. This shouldn't discourage you from pursuing set goals because today's pitfalls aren't critical and will be overcome in time with a little extra effort. Things are going beyond well in the personal aspect and you may be left pleasantly surprised by a kind gesture from your partner.


Now is the time to say goodbye to all negative thoughts, memories and feelings from the past, to turn your back on them and go forward at a brisk pace. Try to leave the negativism behind you. Today especially, try to surround yourself with kind and positive people. Unexpected financial proceeds are going to pleasantly surprise you - someone you had written off may return the money you've loaned them. Buy yourself something nice.


It's time to come back down to Earth and come to terms with the fact that no matter how much you don't want to, one day you're going to have to grow up and begin taking responsibility for the decisions you make. Try not to be too critical toward those who are different from you and resist the urge to comment on the shortcomings of others. Don't try to impose your worldview on others, so that you don't get into unnecessary arguments, which you cannot win and which aren't even worth having.

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