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See What the Stars Have in Store for you Today - April 28


Today is the final tense day of this month. The Moon is in Gemini. Try not to get into conflicts. Don't over-exhaust yourself. Postpone important meetings for another time.

The stars advise you not to travel, or even drive at all, today. Mercury forms a conjunction with Uranus at 25 degrees in Aries. This brings difficulties for everyone, ones you're going to have to deal with today. Don't lose your temper because complications will only escalate quickly.

Until noon, the Moon will be in conjunction with Mars. This will add more fuel to the flames. Be particularly careful and try not to provoke anything or anyone. The situation will gradually harmonize starting tomorrow.


Carefully think about what exactly you want before you act. Creative, wild and free, you can do anything. Act according to the circumstances, in order to receive what you desire. It is within the scope of your abilities to make grandiose changes.


Authentic in your approach, you are kind and accepting of changes. You express concern for the people you love but cannot conquer their turbulent emotions. Work up the courage to participate in something fun and new. This will make you feel light and care-free.


Steal some time away from your daily routine. You have to restore your financial resources - both your personal and work ones. Be confident and take the first step. While in a conversation, first wait for your opponent to express their opinion.


You're making a plan, whose points you're going to have to work on during the next few weeks. You're going to overlook your personal dealings, in order to handle your professional ones. Only if you overcome your anxiety and humbleness, will it be possible for others to notice you. Remain focused when writing things down.


Invest your tremendous energy into your work. A longstanding problem will finally be resolved. Your creativity yearns to be free and wild. The key to everything you desire is in your pocket - simply take it out.


Open your heart - the magic of love is in the air. Load yourself with patience, in order to bring the things you've started to their conclusion. It's a good time to rearrange things financially. The authentic approach needs to be the only one for you. Accept changes with a smile.


Today you're going to have to invest money into your future. Success doesn't come easy but don't worry - it's definitely worth the efforts. Do not compromise under any circumstances. You're entering a positive period filled with new friendships and expression.


Find time to be alone and think about how to realize your ideas. Change up the pace - this will do you good. Your actions today are going to be of decisive importance for the near future. Uncertainty makes you nervous, even when we're talking about positive changes.


Plan all upcoming trips and spending. Luck is on your side in all aspects, especially in love. If you play your cards right, the future will bring you the realization of what you have planned, along with many positive emotions.


You feel unstoppable. Your ideas flow like a river. You have a tendency to try something just because you're bored. This isn't always a good choice. Be calm, confident and try to rid yourself of boredom.


Give everything you've got today to make someone smile. This would most likely mean a lot to them. A lot of things are changing in your life, luckily all in a positive way. You have very real problems in your relationship and only you know how to handle them. Pay more attention to your loved ones.


Your secret weapon has always been your ability to adapt. Don't think over events from the past - the situation today is completely different. You're going to have to choose between love and money. Always say the truth, even if it hurts.