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What the Stars Portend Today - February 17


Today, the representatives of all zodiac signs need to be especially careful in their words and actions because the Moon falls into Gemini and makes people more likely to overreact, act without thinking and reach hasty conclusions.

Aries - Representatives of this sign need to trust their instincts and ingenuity on this day in order to reap successes. The day is especially suitable for completing financial deals or ones having to do with property.

Taurus - Today, Taureans will be busy with work. Work-related tasks will take up the majority of their time and they won't be able to spend any time with friends or loved ones. Our advice for Taureans is not to get overwhelmed with work and stop from time to time to "smell the roses".

Gemini - Your day will be filled with twists and turns, especially at work, but they will be for the better. The self-confidence you possess will be of particular benefit to you in finishing your tasks successfully.


Cancer - Don't turn down the proposed business trip, even if it means that you won't be able to spend enough time with your loved ones. Today, success is on your side and you'll finish everything you've planned with ease.

Leo - You'll be surprised by an attractive offer for a joint business venture which promises good profit. It would be wise to carefully consider all of the pros and cons of the deal before you jump into it. It may turn out that the financial benefits are not as great as you'd like. Disturbances in your personal life are possible.

Virgo - Today, the intuition, physical and intellectual energy of Virgos are in an upswing. This will be of extreme benefit to all those representatives of the sign that work in fields related to creativity, journalism, literature or art.

Libra - You're literally vibrating from all the energy and positive emotions on this day. Set aside time to meet with friends you haven't seen in a long time. You have the chance of witnessing a positive resolution to something that's been bothering you for months.

Scorpio - It's very likely you'll have unexpected guests today that will disrupt your concentration and force you out of the shell you've been hiding under during the past week. Try to get a hold on your irritation and the urge to run away and lock yourself in your room, far away from the eyes of others.


Sagittarius - Your intuitive essence is at its peak today. Don't be surprised if today you're brimming with ingenious ideas and brilliant suggestions that'll help you accumulate reputation in the eyes of your bosses. The more artistic representatives of the sign may create a real masterpiece today.

Capricorn - Today is one of those days where you feel that you can literally take over the world, you feel powerful and filled with decisiveness. Don't be afraid to set high goals for yourself today because the stars are on your side and today you can achieve things you've thought impossible. An opportunity opens up for a new job, a raise or winning the lottery.

Aquarius - Pack your bags and go on a romantic trip with your partner today if you get the chance. But, if you have to go to work, you can be sure that you'll do handle all your assignments with ease, finesse and enviable professionalism which won't go unnoticed by your higher ups.

Pisces - The increased work and effort you've invested in your work will finally yield the expected result today. Positive changes that start at the workplace today will continue until the end of the week. You're packed with enthusiasm and energy that you'll put into your work but you may overestimate yourself and feel exhausted in the evening.