Dreams about Dancing Portend Changes on the Love Front

Long ago, dancing was thought to be a kind of magic ritual. It was believed it could completely alter our consciousness, give us the spark of the divine and connect us to deities, spirits and other mystical beings.

It was also believed that if one were seeking contact with the opposite sex that the swinging motions would help them realize it. No wonder then that in many cultures socialization occurred through ritual dances while celebrating significant events.

As an element in dreams, dance is also related to the romantic aspect of our lives. But to discern the exact message in the dream you have to consider all of the other circumstances while the dancing is going on.

Learn about the possible interpretations of the most common dreams involving rhythmic movements.

1. Dancing with a stranger


If in your dream you're dancing in the company of a stranger, with the atmosphere nice and you feeling well, soon you're going to meet the love of your life. But if you're worried and tense during the dance, you're going to fall in love and get rejected.

2. Dancing with several representatives of the opposite sex

This means you're going to hear slander aimed at you. You may get mixed up in some kind of drama involving other men or women.

3. Dancing with your partner

This dream indicates that you suspect your partner of cheating or that you can at least sense how tempted they are by someone.

4. Dancing in front of an audience

If your dancing is met with applause you're going to receive recognition in real life as well. Perhaps even a promotion at the workplace.

5. Dancing in the air

This sort of dream hints that you have overly unrealistic expectations. You're up in the clouds and are afraid to look truth in the eyes.

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