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Sleeping on an Empty Stomach Changes Our Dreams

Jana G.Jana G.
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To change your life, you need to try to change your routine. Try not to eat before going to bed and fall sleep on an empty stomach for a whole week.

This will change your dreams. Due to the fact that you will be going to bed hungry, instead of with a full stomach, you will witness only light, pleasant dreams and you will wake up in a good mood in the morning.

Try not to add salt and black pepper to your dishes if you are overweight. This way you will consume 2 times less food and your body will get rid of swelling.

Do not consume carbonated drinks and juices with preservatives and you will appreciate the taste of plain water. Don't drink coffee for just 2 weeks and you will notice how easily you fall asleep.

You will sleep much more soundly, your wrinkles will be smoothed out and all of you nervous tension will go away or at least subside significantly.

Try to walk with a straight spine for at least a week and you will see that your memory will improve and you will more easily resolve many of your problems.

Whenever you don't like someone, imagine them only smiling and you'll notice that they will begin to treat you better than before.


1 hour before going to bed, turn off the TV and open the window. This way you will begin to see your wishes in your dreams and once you wake up, you'll be loaded with a creative impulse.

For one week, try to talk on the phone only about work-related things and you will notice how many more hours there are in the day.

Smile at the people you pass by, without thinking about what they might be thinking of you. After about a month, you won't have any problems communicating with people.

Try to lie down in a quiet place, among trees and grass, at least one day a month and you will enjoy the serenity within your own self.