Palmistry - The Finger Nodes

Palmistry - The Finger Nodes

Finger nodes - what exactly are they and what do they mean? Upper node. Also called the first node, it is closest to the nail. This is the philosophical node, related to ideas.


Finger Meanings

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Finger Meanings - Palmistry - Fingers and Rings

Palmistry - Fingers and Rings


Today we see kids and teenagers wearing earrings in all possible places and rings on all fingers, including the thumb. But have you ever asked yourself what significance each finger has for the rings that we put on it?

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - Finger Size

Palmistry - Finger Size


Finger size has great significance in palmistry. Medium fingers - Those with medium finger lengths are well-balanced and quite ordinary and normal.

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - Structure of the Hand

Palmistry - Structure of the Hand


Hand of the medium - out of all the possible shapes of the hand, the hand of the medium is the most beautiful and also the most rarely encountered.

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - The Index Finger

Palmistry - The Index Finger


What is the meaning behind the index finger? When we are truly angry with someone, we point at them and may even stick our finger in their face.

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - The Middle Finger

Palmistry - The Middle Finger


What is the meaning behind the middle finger? If the index finger is seen as the finger of power and ego, then the middle finger is that of discipline and balance.

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - The Ring Finger

Palmistry - The Ring Finger


The ring finger is related to the Greek god Apollo and its characteristics include art, music, fame and harmony. Information can also be gathered from the comparison between the ring finger and the rest of the fingers of the hand.

Finger Meanings - Palmistry - Thumbs and Fingers

Palmistry - Thumbs and Fingers


I found a book called Investigating Palmistry . What meanings do your thumbs and fingers reveal?

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