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Strange Things are Happening Around Me

Strange Things are Happening Around Me
Hello, I'd like to share something important that's really scaring me. For a while now I've been felt as if someone's caressing me or patting me but there's no one around me. At the same time I keep hearing voices, someone yelling at me, sometimes whispering in my ear and yesterday a friend of mine also heard someone yell.

I had a rolling pin fly toward me while I was washing the dishes, the ladder on the balcony fell over by itself and broke a window. I've no idea how it happened but I'm really terrified. There are a lot of other similar experiences I've had and while I'm at it I may as well share them all.

One night I was walking home with my friend and someone was whistling the entire time, but it was very quiet, and I could hear it all the way, it was like a sinister song of some kind. Then later that night he told me that he heard someone call my name, although there was no one there. It wasn't like someone just calling you normally, it was more like a series of whispers. After he told me all this I told him that I had been having similar things happening to me.

That same night, as I was entering my building (I live on the 2nd floor), I made it to the 1st floor when all of the mail fell out of the mailboxes (the little doors aren't locked).

On 12. 04. 15 I was getting ready to go out, I went by the bathroom and saw the door slightly cracked open but as soon as I came back from the kitchen it was wide open. PLEASE help me, give me some advice on what I should do because I'm really beyond scared straight right now.


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