Angel, maybe

Angel, maybe
I had a dream a while back, when I was in confusion about myself and the dream was that I was following a woman through the woods and it was snowing. She had long white hair, a white gown, a white crown, and sparkling blue eyes, and she looked to be in her early 20's. I was following her through the woods and she brought me to a small clearing surrounded by trees. She faced me and said, "I will grant you one thing your heart desires most..", and as she was saying that, she was slowly floating up into the sky and then disappeared.

Does anyone have an idea of what this may mean? Or who/ what she may be?

Thanks for your help.


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13.09.2012 11:04
Do you remember a significant event that happened in your early twenties? Because that's the timeframe for your heart's desire. I suspect this is your higher self trying to reconnect you to fulfil your wishes, hopes and dreams.
Did you tell her/yourself what your heart's desire is? Have you acted on this? Then get going, it's been granted.