Angel Numerology

Nina NordNina Nord
Guardian Angels

Guardian angels often send messages to people by showing them specific sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways.

They gently whisper in your ear, so you are startled and look at your watch or any place where there are numbers written - usually they are three and they are equal.

The other way is to make you look at something directly in front of you - for example, the number of the car that is in front of you, while driving.

This way, your guardian angel sends you messages. If you have difficulty in interpreting the figures, each of which has its meaning, ask your angels to tell you exactly what he wants to tell you and you will see a new set of numbers.

111 The combination means the following: concentrate on your thoughts and make sure you only think of what you want to contemplate.

This sequence means there is a big opportunity that you will find in the nearest future. It is important to concentrate and enjoy the moment.

222 - work on ideas, because you will be able to quickly achieve what you seek. Think only positively.

333 - you can count on help every way, if you are benevolent to those around you and do not take advantage of their weaknesses.


444 - Do not feel left out because your guardian angel is watching over you and will help you out of a situation in which you think you can’t escape.

555 – Get ready for a big change in your life. Keep calm and get ready for something that will change your life in a positive direction.

666 - you are not in the best shape because you think about material possessions too much. Concentrate on good things to do for friends and strangers, and the situation will improve by itself.

777 - Angels are with you, keep working in the direction in which you're in now. This is a very good sign that portends only good things.

888 - some point of your life is over and it is a warning that you should prepare. This could be the end of an emotional connection or a job. Anyway, it will bring only positive emotions.

999 - this is a sign that someone needs you. Roll up your sleeves and give to help the people who need your skills.

000 - this means that you avoided something really bad, because you have deserved the approval of your Guardian Angel.