Overacted Anger

Overacted Anger
Well... I need some help interpreting this dream.

It takes place at school and I'm walking with my best friend Brooke after a band concert. we're talking.. and suddenly her boyfriend shows up behind a door and she ditches me. So I don't think much of it and I go to get my backpack.. but I come back and try to get Brooke's attention and It's like I'm invisible.. and I just give up. The next day.. I walk into the lunch room,and Vance (Brooke's boyfriend) is in a tuxedo. So I walk up.. and literally threaten his life, but it's like i'm invisible again. So we all sit down at the lunch table and finally I go over the table.. and kick his ass... but again, it's like no one noticed it. What really scared me was when I woke up from this dream... I felt this DEEP DEEP hatred for Vance, it's like my dream was coming reality. Anyone there t help with this?


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