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I don't normally dream in color

I don't normally dream in color
I have no idea if it has anything to do with my dream or not. Yesterday I had forgotten to pay for the cable, so today it was disconnected. It led to a very unpleasant conversation after which I had gone to sleep because I was still tired.

I don't normally dream in color or maybe I just don't remember there being color in the dream. I have no idea what time of day it was in the dream. The entire dream was very stressful and frustrating. Here is the dream I had (I don't remember all the details. ) There has been an alien invasion. Aliens would attach to a human body and take control of it (I don't watch these kind of movies, so I don't think I was influenced by that. ) At some point in the dream I was bitten by something and had a bump on my arm. The bump was clear and looked like there was something under the skin. I was later able to remove and and destroy the thing. The rest of the dream I was unsuccessfully trying to save the world.


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