Burned alive

Burned alive
My whole life I've always felt that I should be burned alive at the stake. It's clearly not the ideal way to die but I cannot help but to feel this way. I have never actually had a dream about it (that I can remember)but when asked about death I always get the same image in my head of a woman burning. I can hear the screaming and feel the pain, while people stand and watch it happen.

Also, I've always had a type of 6th sense about danger and when there is something not right about a residence. Some call it "intuition", but it's so much stronger than that. My husband was going to give his mother a ride home from her bf's the other night and I got so sick by the images that had popped in my head, I begged him for hours not to go and it scared him so much by the fright in my voice that he didn't. She ended up staying with her bf so I cannot say whether anything would of happened or not but when the "bad feelings"come, it completely takes over my body and emotions.

When stuff like this happens, I feel as if I may have been a "witch" or wiccan in my past life, I've tried for years to find something, or someone to possibly figure out who this woman is that I see and why I have the senses that I do. I've thought about hypnotism or maybe candle magic to help with this but I'm not one to go dabaling in things I don't know.



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ur skin is more
ur skin is more
07.02.2013 22:12
You being burned alive isn't a memory from a past life - and paganism will die in the end - because it is ultimately selfishness.

You are gifted.
You have what some call second sight.

you are not alone, and you are not evil.

The image you see of being burned at the stake is the parts of you that you wish to part with. The things in yourself that you find unsavoury.

You think that if people were trying to burn you at the stake they would just be standing there idly talking? They would either be mocking and jeering - or covering their noses guarding their lungs from inhaling the "witch".

Either way -
all I'm saying is..

perhaps deep inside yourself - you know there's more...and you'd like to explore the greater parts of true life...but with that exploration you realize that you must release your former baggage and burn away the proverbial chaff in order to move forward...
kevin dyg johansen
kevin dyg johansen
05.12.2012 06:42
I forgot to say, that "the 6 sense" could be you predicting the future, or just sense dangers of the ones connected to your soul.
Strong white magic, keep using it for protection of others and yourself, and talk about it with your husband, then he will understand it as being a part of you to have this ability, that will save you the hours of convincing, i hope.

Blessed be Wiccan keep up the paganism :)
Kevin dyg johansen
Kevin dyg johansen
05.12.2012 06:33
According to the book, "realm of the earth angels". It is very possible for you to remember bits of lifes you have lived in the past. The feeling of being destined to burn like a witch, can be forgotten instincts of yours, rooting in the experience, you dying burning, like that. The instincts will then come back to you, because your soul, is alive again and have the relatively same subconsciousness. If you run around chasing a stranger, like in the movies and tv, what will it help you? she is within your soul, your soul is you, then "she", is you.

When i read about you, getting that intense feeling. I instinctually think of a period of my own life. I used to feel something behind me, something growing. Maybe my soul reaching for cosmos or actually growing towards it. i got an reaction like yours, paralyzed by fear, because i did not understand what it was. Humans always fear, what they do not understand, because of the inner animal trying to detect something "it" feels surrounding you or "it".
I have the ability to move my ears back and forth, but not from birth. (this may sound very weird, i know) but i learned it from this experience of paralyzing fear, i the "taming" came, why ears started to intensively move backwards (feels like they are going upwards actually) i will get to the core. Animals lift their ears when reacting on instincts triggered with fear.

Fear may be your reaction aswel, don't know how your mind works, but if it was me, i would be scared shitless, if i saw myself burn on a cross!

think i got carried away there.. Hope this will be of any help to you.