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What are Guardian Angels Really Like?

What are Guardian Angels Really Like?
According to Christianity, every person has their own guardian angel to watch over them. After a baby or grown person is baptized, an angel appears above a person's head and protects them from evil and misfortune. But is this presence real or just a myth to explain the inexplicable? Is there really a guardian angel floating above us?

I think guardian angels have a lot more important things to do than watch over us humans. According to some theories, guardian angels loathe humans because angels are the children of God, just like us people. But in fact God has always loved us more, which is why angels began hating us and seeing us as simple creatures. One belief goes that they are the ones causing environmental disasters, to slowly exterminate living things (us to be specific) from the face of the Earth.

Are angels just another myth, supernatural beings or an important part of our lives? How could they watch over us if they hate us so much? Is it because God has ordered them to? No one might be able to say for sure what angels are really like or if they even exist but haven't you ever had unexplained things happen to you? Or do you think them just coincidences?


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