A Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night

A Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night
Image: mysteries24.com
Heya! Recently a series of strange things have been happening to me, ones I'd like to share. Since this past Christmas I became a huge fan of Michael Jackson and really got deep into his work and persona. Since then strange things have been happening to me.

One time as I was sitting at the computer I saw the shadow of a man, who looked just like Michael Jackson, slide across the floor from the door to the window of my room. At that moment I became possessed by fear. Some nights when I lie down to go to sleep but while still awake I can feel someone walking on my bed until they reach my head. Then. . . it's as if I get jolted by an electric shock and get like a mild seizure. And then it's all over and I relax. This has happened 3 or 4 times now. Could the ghost of Michael Jackson be visiting me? Sometimes I hear his voice speaking to me telepathically. Am I going crazy or is this real?


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