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Ghost Having Fun at a Children's Playground Caught on Video


A frightful occurrence was spotted in the city of Warwick, in the state of Rhode Island. A ghost was reported having fun at the swings, media reports.

The man who bore witness to the unusual event was Scott Denton. The father of 3 was with his family at a children's playground when he noticed something strange. A swing located nearby began to sway intensely for reasons unknown.

The man swears that none of his children touched the swing. In addition, the weather was calm and there was no wind. Despite this, from the video recording he made it becomes obvious that the swing won't stop swaying.

Scott and his kids were left dumbfounded by the event and found only one possible explanation - that apparently a ghost was having fun at the playground along with them.

But this isn't the only apparition that was spotted these past few days. Recently, a woman saw a ghost shortly after installing a new mobile app for taking pictures with face recognition.

When the Irish woman Ciara O'Callaghan and her family stood in front of the camera, they noticed with horror that besides them, the app had focused on another blurred human image. The silhouette was quite elongated and whitish but noticeable nonetheless.

Haunted Playground

There was no one else with them in their house that day, so there's the very real possibility that a ghostly inhabitant of the home had tried to sneak into the family photo.

"When I saw the face of the ghost, I was absolutely stunned. I regretted ever having installed that app, " the mother shares with local media.