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The Devil is on the Prowl for your Soul at Night Through the Mirror

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You must never look into the mirror at night. This superstition holds true and you risk much by ignoring it.

Mirrors are one of the things we take for granted in our lives. We look at ourselves in them 100 times a day, sometimes without even realizing it. If you're a lady, you likely have a little mirror in your handbag to help you get rid of any visible defect anytime, anywhere. However, this seemingly plain accessory is exceptionally mystical and is frequently used for ill.

In the past, the mirror was called the "Gift of the Devil", the reason being that no man could create an object capable of reflecting everything that was going on. Others go even further, saying that the mirror world is not safe.


No matter how reasonable we think the time we're leaving in is, even today there are hundreds of omens related to mirrors. Among these is that you should never look in the mirror after sunset. If you do look at your reflection in the mirror at night, nothing good is in store for you.

In many religions, the mirror is seen as a gateway to the afterlife. The portal would open most frequently at night because the veil between the real world and the afterlife grew thinnest during the dark hours of the day. Mysterious creatures that no one would have wanted to encounter could be seen. By looking at them, they were freed. Supposedly, they could enter our own world and send the viewer into the mirror world.

According to another belief, at nighttime and during sleep the souls of humans are particularly vulnerable. If you wake up and look in the mirror while still drowsy, your soul may go on a journey around the mirror world. But your body will be left abandoned. If you do not soon find your way back and return, your body will be taken over by a different spirit. It will most likely be an evil and restless one, while your own spirit will remain forever trapped to wander the mirror world.


The time period between midnight and 3 AM is called the "devil's time" in a number of cultures. It is when all evil forces stir. If you have the imprudence to look into the mirror within that time period, the Devil himself will take your soul. So, stay away from mirrors late at night!