Sleeping Dream

Sleeping Dream
I had a dream where I at my place, it was night time, some one toll me that I was suppose to go some where, but some one else toll me that I was sleeping and that I had to weak my self I walk to my bedroom, open the door very slowly and sow my self sleeping in my bed, I was sleeping very peacefully, on my side,the bed was un made and the covers where rool up beside me the leng of my body and I had my left arm and legs on top of the covers, like hugging the covers and dangling from the bed on the left side, I had on a pair of men silk green pagimas and I though that that was a sing of good look, I was so sock, to see my self a sleep so comftably and so relax, It surprise me and made me feel good a the same time,I didn't want to wake my self up, so I just left the room, I just walk out, then I woke up,on my bed, with my white tishirt on, in the same bed, that had the same covers that I was dreaming about.
I would like to know the meaning of this dream.


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Sleeping dream
Sleeping dream
24.03.2013 15:31
This is a very sensuous dream. Apparently, you are appreciating your own still-dreaming body in a positive light. This is good, a sign of self-esteem. Maybe you even had a little astral trip, and imagined yourself into those silk pajamas. Maybe green is a color you like, or take it to be lucky. Good for you!