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Dream of a ghost boy

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Dream of a ghost boy
This evening I had a very vivid dream. I was back at my childhood home, visiting. In real life it is torn down. I saw my mother in the kitchen. She is passed away now. Then I walked down the street and saw a toddler boy. I knew him in my dream but not real life.

Bobby was his name, I knew he was a ghost but wanted to help him. He was scared and wanted to go home. I picked him up and tickled him and sang him songs until I got him home. Bobby's father was happy I brought him home. Then I was speaking with Bobby's father about grief and how our loved ones still communicate with us.

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2015-01-01, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dream of a ghost boy

the little boy represents your childhood. Beautiful dream.

2014-05-11, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dream of a ghost boy

Bobby was a lost soul and needed help, It seems to Be That He needed guidance into finding his home.