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My wife vomiting

My wife vomiting
In my dream my wife and I are in bed kissing and she is getting turned on, when all of a sudden she feels like vomiting. I am next to her thinking as a joke that she is pregnant she tries to hold it back, a bit of vomit sprays out. I see a saucepan in our room as I go to pick it up, it has a long simple but pretty white dress in it, my wife is still holding the vomit in when I bring the saucepan to her, she shakes her head, I pick up the dress and she vomits into the pan while I hold the pan in my left hand and the white dress in my right and I accidentally dip the dress in her puke. What does this dream mean


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27.09.2014 13:44
It's very sweet you are so supportive towards your wife in the dream, finding and holding the saucepan while she's sick. Also - the sexual start to the dream quickly leads to the thought of pregnancy crossing your mind. I don't know if you're trying for kids, or are hoping or nervous of becoming a father - but it seems the topic is an important one for your unconscious. Your wife comes across as a little anxious in the dream in not wanting to be sick just anywhere (does your wife worry about what others will think, or how she is perceived, or worry about things being kept ordered or clean?), she really tries to control herself, not being sick until the conditions are perfect and trying to hold it back. Did you feel pressure in the dream to make sure her conditions were perfect? I ask, because by the end you literally have both your hands full in order to create a situation where she could be relieved and finally throw up. Do you feel pressure in waking life to make sure her environment/life is pleasing enough for her?

The white dress is a broad symbol. It could represent your wife's virginity/purity in a conventional sense. The fact you accidentally dipped the dress in the vomit - may represent your part in sexually bringing an end to her 'sexual purity'. And depending on whether you felt guilty about ruining the dress, may represent how you feel about that.

Or, alternatively, the dress may symbolise the idealisation of your wife, or perhaps, how she likes you to see her - when a relationship is new, we tend to idealise our partners, or want our partners to view us in an idealised way - but after many years of being together, after we've nursed them through sickness etc and seen less romantic things(!) - that idealisation can get tainted. Perhaps the dress symbolises the tainting of that idealisation. But it seems from the dream, that the idealisation, is something your wife really wants to preserve - hence her not wanting to vomit on the dress. This is interesting, because it seems you don't mind that much if the dress gets vomit on it. It seems the idealisation is more important to your wife than to you, or for you that idealisation isn't preserved anyway. Do you think your wife worries about becoming less sexually attractive?

Finally - the white dress could represent a communion dress - something a child would wear. Which would again relate to the idea of your wife being pregnant. And you dipping the dress in the vomit could relate to you connecting the idea of a child with morning sickness and the less rosy aspects of parenthood.

The saucepan symbol is interesting too - because it's a kitchen utensil, normally used for eating but it was used to catch the vomit. Did this make the situation feel more grotesque to you? Or did you not mind?

The most important thing to look out for when interpreting your dreams, is how you felt in relation to whatever was happening. How did your wife vomiting make you feel? Concerned, hopeful that she was pregnant, nervous that she was pregnant? Did you feel a bit put-off?