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One Soul in Two Bodies

One Soul in Two Bodies
Everyone's heard, I assume, of people existing in one another, so to speak. People who think, act and feel together? I remember a book about this sort of thing I read once, sci-fi of course!

But that doesn't matter.
Have you ever felt that there's another person in you (or that you are in them)? That they've appeared in your dreams; or if you suddenly say something and it's as if someone else made you say it?

It's happened to me. I remember one time I was playing a trivia game. They asked me a question and I answered right away, and it was the correct answer too. But I didn't even know the answer! I don't know where it came from.

But at the same time I've always felt that something or someone has been missing from me. And this something has appeared in my dreams in various forms, even when I was younger.

A boy with black hair and black glasses, who doesn't stop staring at me; a strange thing that appears only when I stare at one point for awhile. How bizarre!

Share your thoughts!

P. S. Many of my friends say it's just all in my head. I'm not looking for a "lost half" or claim that there is one. I'm just sharing my opinion and would like to see others.

P. P. S. Please don't take everything to heart. Everyone has had unusual things happen to them and most of them do have logical explanations.


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