Pregnancy Dream

Pregnancy Dream
So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. I hardly ever dream about my mom since she passed away 3 years ago well I had a dream the other night that was extremely realistic and went as follows. I was at my friends moms house for a group medium reading and the medium asked, "Who here is pregnant"? no one answered then she asked, "Who here's mother has passed away"?

After she asked both questions she looked directly at me, I said my mom has passed away but I'm not pregnant that I know of. She said, "Your mom says congratulations on the girls and she says she really likes the names _____ and _____ you've picked out". I got a positive ovulation predictor 11 days ago and obviously we had sex but it's still a little to soon to test for pregnancy. I'm a little nervous to test as I really want the test to be positive. What do you think my dream means?


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13.10.2014 17:31
positive dream,i think you will give birth a smart baby girl