Crazy Dream

Crazy Dream
In this dream it started at a high school wrestling tournament in the wrestling room of our school but this room was 50 times bigger. when i was there i met a girl didn't know who but she seemed familiar and she told me to come here and so i did and she picked me up on her shoulders and she just started to run around the wrestling room and i had a camera and i was video tapping it then one of my friends came and picked us both up on his shoulders and he started to run then i fell off and the girl then had the camera and then she fell off.

So i went and picked up my friend on my shoulders and started to run except some random guy was video tapping us. then it went black and me and that girl ended up in what looked like and abandoned house except it had 3 TVs and 1 x-box. At the house we met up with another friend and a different girl and then we like teleported to a field were people were shooting off fireworks. we had a fire and tents set up like we were camping then the friend who we met up with's Dad showed up (in real life he is short with a beer belly and 1 arm in my dream he was tall a little fat and had both arms. ) The Dad started yelling at my friend and my friend yelled "ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR FAT! ! "

Then his dad put my friend in his shirt and my friend disappeared so i started yelling at him then after yelling at him for a while i said AYYYE! im just kidding and then he hugged me and my friend fell out of his shirt and we sprinted over to the girls who weirdly had to go home even though we were camping so we dropped them off and then i woke up to check the time then i fell back asleep and i was in my school and i saw a girl i know and i said Hey! and she said Heyyy! ! i sat next to her and she laid in my lap and she slowly started to get up then she opened her mouth and then the noise you hear out of an alarm came out and i woke up. . .


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15.01.2015 20:21
ok so maybe this could symbolize how you need to take control of your life, as it seems your friends are bossing you around