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Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerDemons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler
06 Nov.
Very ill and perverted human being. I am still recovering from what he did to me. Don't fall victim to this sick non-entity....
No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!
04 July
When I was 4 had already learned to read and write, at 5 I was downloading things from the internet, at 6 I began watching documentaries about physics, space etc....
A Presence!A Presence!
16 June
Hey I just wanted to share something real quick. I hadn't felt this in a while but for 2 days now I've been feeling a presence around me again....
The Dream with the Bottomless HandbagThe Dream with the Bottomless Handbag
31 Mar.
I dreamed I was home and began looking for something in my handbag (in real life it doesn't have different sections but in my dream it had 3)....
A Ghost Walks on my Bed at NightA Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night
18 Mar.
Am I going crazy or is this real?...
I Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for itI Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for it
19 Feb.
I feel tense when I'm alone or in a very large group of people. Thanks to all who read my story, I'd be happy if you can help in any way....
I don't normally dream in colorI don't normally dream in color
17 Feb.
The entire dream was very stressful and frustrating. Here is the dream I had (I don't remember all the details. ) There has been an alien invasion....
One Soul in Two BodiesOne Soul in Two Bodies
08 Feb.
Everyone has had unusual things happen to them and most of them do have logical explanations....
What are Guardian Angels Really Like?What are Guardian Angels Really Like?
05 Feb.
But is this presence real or just a myth to explain the inexplicable? Is there really a guardian angel floating above us? I think guardian angels have a lot more important things to do than watch over us humans....
Is This Some Kind of Magic?Is This Some Kind of Magic?
29 Jan.
I'd be very pleased if anyone can help. It's as if nothing's been going right since that day....
Is it Possible?Is it Possible?
18 Jan.
Several days ago I read some articles about rebirth and memories from past lives. I was very curious and wanted to find out whether I too had any memories and started looking for ways to find them....
Strange Things are Happening Around MeStrange Things are Happening Around Me
11 Dec.
One night I was walking home with my friend and someone was whistling the entire time, but it was very quiet, and I could hear it all the way, it was like a sinister song of some kind....
Was it  Really the Light?Was it Really the Light?
04 Dec.
Recently I read an article about how someone wanted to open up their third eye. I found this quite interesting and searched around on the web....
The Pirate's LifeThe Pirate's Life
12 Nov.
In fact a lot of people don't even know mermaids very well, they are not what they seem, although their kisses are the foundation of French kisses. The French stole them from them....