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A little girl found

A little girl found
My father had come to me to bring me news of a little girl who had fallen from a cliff and into a body of water. He said her body was washed up on a shore. The strange part was him insisting that I go see it. I stopped what I was doing to go and see her body. I feel she was a girl everyone knew or she was famous because there were a lot of people who had come to look too. I tried my best to push through the people that were blocking my view, but couldn't. The parents of the girl found out and had set up things to block people from seeing, including me. Still I was desperate to see her. It was important for some reason. So I quickly found a way to push past the barriers and saw her. Half in the water and half on the "shore" wearing a white nightgown. The dream ended with just the feeling of closure.


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20.09.2012 14:36
Dead girl in a dream represents problems und misfortune. Be carefull in taking important decisions.