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Weird Scary Dream

Weird Scary Dream
So this one made almost scream when i woke up. So in the dream i was sleeping in the same bed i was when i was dreaming, so first off there was a pink moldy mystiuqe and jeff the killer i was scared to death then these heads came up there were about three of them that came up and floated out of my chair! So the weird part was i had to get the cross and make them dissapear. And next i was elsa and i was roaming through a minecraft world with snow and snow castles.


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05.10.2014 12:31
Sometimes people dream things they hear or watch before going to bed.For example.
You are sleeping:
The TV in your room or your Parents TV is turned on.And you hear 1 word or scream.This immediatly triggers your brain to visualize it in your mind while you are sleeping.
Also if you played alot of minecraft before going to bed or thinkig something that may redirect you to minecraft before going to sleep also may cause this dream.
It's all connected.
But I dont think it's a threat or something you should worry about.