The Deadliest Wars in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Wars in Human History
15 June
Listed below are the deadliest wars in human history. Dungan Revolt (8 million - 20.8 million people killed) Six out of the ten deadliest wars in history have been waged in China....
The Deadliest Pandemics in HistoryThe Deadliest Pandemics in History
30 Nov.
One of the most horrific epidemics known to history is the plague. It appeared between 540 and 541 in Egypt....
Human Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human HistoryHuman Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human History
07 Feb.
And even though we've made significant progress when it comes to equal human rights, blacks lacked even the most basic humane empathy just several decades ago....
The Deadliest Poisons on the PlanetThe Deadliest Poisons on the Planet
31 May
Maitotoxin The deadliest toxin that's linked to harmful algal blooms in the ocean. It most often leads to poisoning upon consumption of polluted clams....
The human brain shrinksThe human brain shrinks
23 Feb.
The human brain is going to extinction. The startling discovery was made after the scientists measured the size of the human skulls from different periods of human existence....
The history of the Sumerian civilizationThe history of the Sumerian civilization
08 Dec.
This culture emerged out of nowhere, and now we can not say a lot about the Sumerians. The Sumerian civilization discovered many valuable inventions for the world. The inventions of the Sumerians include writing, agricultural...
The history of Peter the GreatThe history of Peter the Great
22 Sept.
In the history of Russia, Tsar Peter I the Great is one of the most beloved and respected rulers - he took the country over in a very difficult year....
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
He could memorize information from different fields in on time - history, geography, literature, film, sports, music, science and religion....
Mysteries of the human brainMysteries of the human brain
17 June
Even the most perfect car can not function without a motor, so obviously our notions of the human brain do not correspond to the truth....
Mirrors remember the human auraMirrors remember the human aura
01 Oct.
Everyone has an aura that is caused by our own biofield. \"The transmission of our eyes, reflected from the mirror surface, can create serious health problems\", explains a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota...
History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
Today, history recognizes them as Minoans, their name coming from the legendary island ruler from Greek mythology - Minos. The civilization on the island of Crete existed between 2800 and 1150 BC....
The Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human ShadowThe Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human Shadow
07 Dec.
The human shadow holds a special place in various legends and folklore tales....
The Phenomenal Truths about Human CharacterThe Phenomenal Truths about Human Character
12 June
Certain character features can make you sick Statistical meta-analyses prove that there exists a link between human temperament and certain diseases....
Alien Mummies from Peru Could Turn Human History on its HeadAlien Mummies from Peru Could Turn Human History on its Head
20 Mar.
So far, tomographic scans have shown that in essence they belonged to humans. But prof....
The Names of the Biggest Betrayers in HistoryThe Names of the Biggest Betrayers in History
02 Feb.
Besides Judas Iscariot, who is the very symbol of betrayal, history remembers many other individuals that have betrayed their country and even their own compatriots....