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Cruellest mothers in history

Nina NordNina Nord
Cruellest mothers in history

There are mothers who are too rigid in their approach to achieve the best for their children. First on that list is Olympia, the mother of Alexander the Great.

It was the fourth wife to the father of Alexander, who is glorified with the title the Great created an empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to the Himalayas.

According to Plutarch, Alexander's mother slept with snakes. When her husband abandoned her for another, she sought solitude and self-imposed exile and returned only after the murder of her husband, probably commissioned by herself.

It is believed that she killed his wife and their baby, so there are no obstacles to the throne of her son. Historians say she killed another baby, to make sure that it will not claim the throne when he grows up.

Cruellest mothers in history

Olympia’s Political approach is contrary to the methods of management of the regent Antipater of Macedonia, and finally he ordered her executed.

Cleopatra is another famous parent, famous for her cruelty. Egyptian queen fought for power at any cost. Her children of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony stabilized her political influence in Rome and allowed her to operate freely Egypt.

She sees in her son poisoned, the successor to Caesar, The future king of Egypt. In 44 BC Cleopatra poisoned her brother because he was a strong contender for the throne.

So the three-year od Caesarion became king, and his mother managed him.

Cleopatra died at 39 after 22 years reign. After her death Rome was annexed to Egypt, and she was poisoned was killed. The three children of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony were saved.

Wu Zetian, the only Chinese empress, became mistress of the Chinese Emperor when she was still a child. When he died, she had to be sent to a monastery where they lived until her death. Instead, she became the mistress of the emperor's son.

So she went to the throne and gave birth to two sons. When her daughter was born, she killed her own child to avoid the shame of it because it was believed that she only gave birth to boys. After the death of Emperor Wu, she became empress.

The mother of three French kings - Catherine de Medici - married a French prince, who was in love with another. After ten years of marriage, she began to bear heirs to the throne. When her husband died, one of her sons became king of fifteen years, but died.

Then came to the throne the ten-year old Carl and his mother became his regent. Later, he became a contributor to the appalling massacre of St. Bartholomew - ordering to be killed several thousand Protestants. Catherine remained advisor for the next king - Henry III. It is believed that she had poisoned a lot of people who had claims to the throne.