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Unbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not KnowUnbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not Know
04 July
A little-known fact about these majestic animals is that they can communicate with each other even using their feet....
Facts about Muhammad Ali you May Not KnowFacts about Muhammad Ali you May Not Know
16 June
He went to the police and told them about the theft. The police officer who filed the report also happened to be a boxing instructor at the local community center. He suggested that the boy sign up....
Facts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not KnowFacts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not Know
14 Oct.
If you're among the people who are interested in this mysterious moon phase, read on to find out some facts and myths about it you may not know......
Facts about Space you May Not be Familiar WithFacts about Space you May Not be Familiar With
15 Feb.
As further proof we can examine the following facts, which few of us have fully realized, no matter how observant we may be....
Strange Facts about the Month of JanuaryStrange Facts about the Month of January
09 Jan.
Besides January, the month of February also impresses with fascinating facts, even though it is so short. Its name comes from Latin and means purification....
Everything you Don't Know about Asian SuperstitionsEverything you Don't Know about Asian Superstitions
27 Mar.
Lucky numbers As strange as it may sound to a person from the West, in many Asian countries the calendar is divided into good and bad days....
A few things you don't know about dreamsA few things you don't know about dreams
10 Dec.
Dream only what we know Often dreams are full of strangers who participate in certain parts. Did you know that your brain did not think these people up?...
What is Eugenics? The Strangest Facts about This PseudoscienceWhat is Eugenics? The Strangest Facts about This Pseudoscience
14 Nov.
Still, here are some strange facts about eugenics when it was at its peak. 1....
Unexpected Facts about RainUnexpected Facts about Rain
19 Jan.
But there are a number of phenomenal facts about rain that few people are aware of and we'd like to share. 1. The place where it rains most frequently is the mountain of Waialeale in Kauaʻi, Hawaii....
Curious Facts about LightningCurious Facts about Lightning
24 Aug.
Here are a few curious facts about lightning: More than 25 million streaks of lightning flash across Earth's surface annually. If divided equally among the number of days that means 100 per second....
Interesting Facts about SnakesInteresting Facts about Snakes
16 Oct.
Snakes have no ears but to make up for it have excellent eyesight. They have no nose either but have the extraordinary ability to sense smells. The fangs of poisonous snakes are considered to be one of the most precise biological...
Myths we do not knowMyths we do not know
19 Sept.
The reason that people have believed in this myth lies in the fact that for many years it was believed that the complexity of the brain will impair the growth of new cells....
Machu Picchu and the lost city of the IncasMachu Picchu and the lost city of the Incas
03 Jan.
In 1981 an area of about 325 square miles around Machu Picchu was declared a historic monument by Peruvian Government and was granted the status of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983 The mystery remains, if Machu Picchu...
Several Unbelievable Facts About DreamsSeveral Unbelievable Facts About Dreams
01 Aug.
There are however, several facts about them that few know, that would seem practically impossible for the majority of people....
Curious Facts about the MasonsCurious Facts about the Masons
25 May
We hope to shed at least a little bit of light on this organization with several of the curious facts below. Masonry exists in different forms around the entire world....
Lesser Known Facts about AlbinismLesser Known Facts about Albinism
24 June
Here are a few facts about albinism to break away the stereotypes. Albinism is a genetic disorder (it is present at or before birth), causing a decrease or complete absence of melanin....
Seven Surprising Facts about PlutoSeven Surprising Facts about Pluto
10 Aug.
Considering the fact that the mountains are icy, it is postulated that the temperature on Pluto's surface is around {-230 °C}. 2....
Facts and Myths about VampiresFacts and Myths about Vampires
30 Oct.
Real vampires look similar to their prototypes from legends and movies. There are many myths concerning vampires but not all stories passed down from our ancestors are true. Which are true and which aren't? Vampires...
Facts about black eyed peopleFacts about black eyed people
17 Mar.
Black eyes are a sign of passion and loveability. These people never give up what they have decided. Black-eyed individuals are persistent, resistant, tempered with difficulties, but take the right decisions. Passion burns...
Facts about blue eyed peopleFacts about blue eyed people
13 Feb.
The cornea of ​​blue-eyed people is more sensitive than the cornea of ​​people with brown eyes, and people with light eyes have weaker light filters. This explains why the inhabitants of northern countries have mostly...
Facts about brown eyed peopleFacts about brown eyed people
13 Feb.
They are witty and sociable and get along easily with strangers. People with brown eyes are quite amorous. They are romantics, indulge their dreams and prefer to be in an imaginary world, not in reality....
6 unique facts about dreams6 unique facts about dreams
21 Jan.
About 12% of people dream in black and white. So far scientists can not understand why this is happening. Nicotine affects dreams....
What we know about deathWhat we know about death
17 June
Most of the facts we know about death, are based on the experiences of strangers. But actually, we know very little about death, less than anything else....
Facts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the MoviesFacts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the Movies
21 Nov.
However, facts have survived to this day that give us a glimpse into the other side of these elite warriors. The following facts may just turn your notion of the samurai on its head. 1....
Scientific Facts Stranger Than Science FictionScientific Facts Stranger Than Science Fiction
15 Nov.
This means that the areas of the brain that have specific functions may in fact be much more flexible than was previously thought. 4....