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Dinosaurs were cannibalsDinosaurs were cannibals
04 Nov.
Five years ago, it was found that the dinosaurs of the species Majungatholus atopus are also cannibals....
Ancient people were much taller than now?Ancient people were much taller than now?
23 Nov.
The ancient people were much taller than they are now, U.S. researchers believe. According to them, our ancestors have achieved a growth rate of 5-6 meters....
Prehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked ScientistsPrehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked Scientists
10 July
In the lakes where representatives of Jurassica qiyia attacked their victims, there were no fish, only amphibians, which is why there were plenty of their fossils found in that area of China....
Left-Handed People were Burned at the Stake During the Middle AgesLeft-Handed People were Burned at the Stake During the Middle Ages
05 Dec.
Statistically speaking, 7 out of 100 people are born left-handed. Many of them, as children, were encouraged to write with their right hand....
Cooking Recipes of Cannibals FoundCooking Recipes of Cannibals Found
27 May
Upon inspection of the remains, they noticed that the killed people had become victims to cannibalism....
Dinosaurs Got High on Prehistoric LSDDinosaurs Got High on Prehistoric LSD
05 Mar.
The prehistoric plant was found in South Burma....
New Species of Prehistoric Man DiscoveredNew Species of Prehistoric Man Discovered
05 Feb.
Experts from the University of Tokyo suppose that Penghu belonged to the latest population of people in Asia or came from Africa at a later point in human development....
Cannibals Detained in Papua New GuineaCannibals Detained in Papua New Guinea
28 Aug.
During the 20th century there were isolated cases of cannibalism mainly in the populated areas near the dense jungles of the island....
Who were the MayansWho were the Mayans
12 Mar.
On the Yucatan Peninsula were built many new cities. The Mayans were the first people in America who began to build cities of stone. To connect the cities they built roads, passing through jungles and swamps....
Hobbits were separate speciesHobbits were separate species
04 Oct.
In addition to asymmetry of the skull, the new study also found that this asymmetry is within the normal range for precursors of healthy people....
Tall people are smarter than short peopleTall people are smarter than short people
12 Sept.
According to the data i turned out that tall people had higher gains and more important positions that the people who were below the average height....
Intelligent People Prefer SolitudeIntelligent People Prefer Solitude
14 Sept.
The more intelligent members of a group were capable of resolving most problems on their own, without need the aid of any of their friends....
How cats heal peopleHow cats heal people
07 Oct.
Cats are not only good for their owners with their presence, but completely improve their health. A Spanish girl named Maria was run over by a drunk driver and was in coma. After months lying in the hospital, she was released...
Numerological compatibility between peopleNumerological compatibility between people
26 June
For example, if you were born in 18, 1 +8 = 9, and your partner 5. The sum is 14 and 1 +4 = 5. Your number is 5....
Obese people sleep lessObese people sleep less
12 Feb.
The survey results were presented at an international conference of the American Society of biology in San Diego. Sleep peacefully and not worry about your weight!...