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Ghost Minister wants justiceGhost Minister wants justice
08 Dec.
However other officials say they are seeing a phantom, reports a Russian website. In order to establish exactly what is happening in the building, the chairman of the court ordered officers to perform night duties....
The Australian City Teeming with GhostsThe Australian City Teeming with Ghosts
17 June
Other people from the city share that a phantom jumped out of nowhere during a backyard party and terrified everyone present....
The mirror: A window to another worldThe mirror: A window to another world
22 Jan.
On one hand this is a material object and the other - intangible reflection phantom. Since ancient times have survived many testimonies of mysterious phenomena, associated with them....
Come Here if you Want to See Ghosts!Come Here if you Want to See Ghosts!
12 July
After that day, the same phantom was reported to be seen many more times. Witnesses say that the ghost of a dog also resides in the castle, regularly frightening visitors....
Scientists Prove That Ghosts are a Product of Our IllusionsScientists Prove That Ghosts are a Product of Our Illusions
12 Nov.
A scientific experiment has proven that ghosts and phantoms do not exist, that everything we believe to be supernatural is simply a product of our fears and imagination....
The Most Haunted Houses Around the WorldThe Most Haunted Houses Around the World
11 Dec.
Phantom footsteps are also often heard on the balcony, while ethereal voices constantly reverberate all around the house. But perhaps the most fascinating are the frequent visions of bodies there....