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Astral Projection - Time for Dreams

Astral Projection

Altered states of consciousness have been known to humans since ancient times. Sages, magicians and priests of various cults and religions have achieved them with the help of special spiritual practices. This has given immense possibilities unavailable to mere mortals.

Through magical rituals, the Australian aborigines fall into a special state called "dream time", in which they feel as if they're outside space and time, see past and future events.

Trance unlocks in them all taboos and engages the subjective channels of the subconscious. A person who in an ordinary situation knows well that spontaneous travel in time and space is impossible, in "dream time" it is possible and this goal can be achieved.

Of course, the ancients did not know the modern concept of astral projection. Being in an altered state of consciousness, a person is able to fall not only into the distant past, but also into any other point in space and time! Parapsychologists adhere to this opinion.

Let's remember what people, who survived clinical death describe. Many claim that there, "beyond the line", a meeting with deceased relatives and friends awaited them and they were in excellent shape. Often, when dying, a person sees their entire past life as in a movie. The bottom line? The soul falls into the past, into its own past, which does not disappear, but remains in another dimension!

Mirror Clairvoyance

It is difficult to deny the possibility of contacts with the deceased. People often see ghosts, hear the voices of the dead, feel their presence. This means that the present and the past touch and if we wish, we can consciously come into contact with the inhabitants of the afterlife.

Door in the Sky - Astral

Psychiatrist Raymond Moody - author of the famous book "Life after life" dedicated to the posthumous existence of the soul, for more than ten years was engaged in researching the phenomenon of "mirror clairvoyance". He was intrigued by the numerous stories of dead people appearing in mirrors. It turns out that in ancient Greece there were so-called psychomantheums, where clients consulted their deceased loved ones, whose ghosts they could observe in mirrors.

Moody had the idea of creating something similar to this ancient Greek establishment. Upstairs in an old mill in Alabama, the professor furnished a mirrored room, the windows of which were tightly closed. In the room, opposite a large mirror mounted on the wall, there was an armchair placed at such an angle that the visitor could not see his reflection in it. Only the black velvet curtain behind the armchair, against which the visions appeared, was reflected in the mirror.

People from various professions participated in the project - lawyers, psychologists, doctors, students. Dr. Moody asked the volunteers to tune in beforehand for an upcoming contact with a deceased loved one. For this purpose, he advised them to look at photographs, to touch things that belonged to the deceased, to remember them. In the evening, the subjects entered the mirror room, illuminated by the dim light of candles.

The man would sit in the armchair and relax, turning off his brain from everything else. Then he began to stare into the surface of the mirror. In the next room, an assistant is on duty, ready to come to the rescue in case of an unforeseen situation. At the end of the experiment, a long interview was conducted with the respondent, during which they told about what had happened.

Half of the participants in the experiment said that they saw their deceased relatives in the mirror and communicated with them. In fact, some of them said that they met not the ones they wanted to meet - they were completely different people, most often those with whom the "client" was connected with some unfinished but significant relationship.

Van Gogh's Space Journey

Today, the technique of hypnotic regression, in which the person is "sent" into the past, is very common. And in 1977, the American psychiatrist Bruce Goldberg managed to send his patient Francesca... into the future! The woman said her name was Tia, lived in the 27th century, and was an anthropologist by profession. Tia studied a colony of ex-Earthlings, settled on an asteroid in orbit around Mars.

On the subject of astral projection to other planets, it can be said that astronomers recently drew attention to the fact that the landscape of the starry sky, photographed by the Hubble telescope near one of the distant stars, is very similar to that which is depicted in Vincent van Gogh's painting "Starry Night". Both the picture and the photographs show similar-shaped celestial bodies and swirling dust clouds. Indeed, the artist used blue paints and red prevails in the photographs.

But where could Van Gogh see all this? The pictures were taken in the constellation Unicorn about 20, 000 light years from Earth. According to one of the versions, the painter depicted the Great Bear, according to another - the constellation Aries, under which it was the artist himself who was born, as well as Venus and the Moon. Now a new hypothesis has appeared. Didn't Van Gogh have space travels? If it was happening, it was most likely in a dream or a trance state.

Astral Travels

Entrance to the afterlife

There are anomalous and sacral zones where the effect of "falling out of reality" is observed, having a rather purely psychological nature. A mysterious cave was discovered in the ancient city of Derbent, which, according to archaeologists, represents the legendary Babal Kiama (Arabic - Door of Judgment Day). This is all that remains of an ancient mosque from the 10th century. The ancient Sufis claimed that it was the entrance to the other world and the voice of Allah could be heard.

Cases are known when during a flight the pilots seem to lose their minds. In 1994, one of the Russian cosmonauts who spent half a year on the Mir orbital station told his colleagues that during the flight he and his partner repeatedly had fantastic visions. It seemed to them that they were turning into other beings - people, animals and even... humanoids of extraterrestrial origin.

They seemed to be transported through space and time to other realities, to unknown planets, coming into contact with some universal source of information. Other members of spaceship crews also report similar conditions. But none of them disclosed the facts. There are known cases when cosmonauts saw on board, phantoms of people left on Earth, often even their deceased loved ones.

The same thing sometimes happens with airplane pilots. This is, for example, the phenomenon of the so-called "giant hand". It usually occurs during long flights. The pilot has the feeling that the steering wheel is in some invisible hand. A study conducted in the US Air Force showed that about 15% of airmen experienced the effect of the "giant hand" on themselves. Maybe that was the cause of plane crashes?

Learning beyond reality

Being unconscious or in an altered state of consciousness, one can "train" oneself in some universal sciences.


People who have experienced clinical death often claim that the experience they received was comparable to being in a "school" or a "library" where they acquired some knowledge. A young man in a state of clinical death discovered that he was in some "school". The feelings were completely real. He saw no one around him, but felt the presence of other beings. Someone seemed to "pour" knowledge into his brain. But when he came out of the coma, he forgot everything.

Some people fall into a mysterious "school" in a dream. For example, the American doctor Shafika Karagula, a well-known researcher of the problems of extrasensory perception, says that her friend Vicky regularly dreamed that she was transported to a "school" where she listened to lectures on various subjects explaining the structure and laws of the universe.

Unlike those who "learned" while in a state of clinical death, Vicky perfectly remembered both the appearance of the school classrooms and the content of the lectures, which she subsequently recorded. Moreover, over time the woman learned to "attend" the lecture she needed of her own accord. For this purpose, it was enough before a dream to concentrate and wish to connect with a certain "audience".

Little Inga told her mother that sometimes at night she flies with "a plane that looks like a round saucer, with two green owls". According to the little girl, they ended up in some place where they put a special hat on her so she couldn't see anything and then they sent her "to study". But what exactly - the girl did not remember.

Once, her mother dreamed (or did it all happen in reality? ) that her body became weightless and she and her daughter flew out of the house and found themselves in a large round hall where other children were sitting motionless. They were silent, but the mother had the feeling that the children were busy with something serious. The woman and her daughter then returned home. Inga said that they visited her "school".

What kind of "schools" are these? Perhaps we are all theoretically capable of going beyond the veil of space and time. But do we know how to take advantage of this gift.