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May Snow in CroatiaMay Snow in Croatia
13 May
At the end of spring, citizens of the region of northern Croatia became witnesses to an unusual natural phenomenon - May snow had covered the town. Snowflakes fell in the region of Gorski Kotar last night...
Numerology Horoscope Until May 17thNumerology Horoscope Until May 17th
12 May
number or 11 or 22. 1 - This week you'll be filled with the energy for changes. You'll be charged with strength and optimism, which may help you in the battle against a bad habit. Try to live healthier and quit...
Your Monthly Horoscope for MayYour Monthly Horoscope for May
02 May
Exchange of information is going to be hindered during the 1st week of the month of May. As such, getting documents signed may take longer and communication may not run particularly smoothly. Luckily, this tendency...
Numerology Prognosis Until May 21Numerology Prognosis Until May 21
16 May
sanctity. Work is going to be at the forefront this week. Your discipline is going to provide you a lot more freedom than the usual routine. 2. Honesty in every aspect You may find something in common to talk about...
Horoscope Prognosis Until May 24thHoroscope Prognosis Until May 24th
19 May
will load you with optimism and the energy for new undertakings. The retrograde Mercury this Tuesday will begin bringing back old events in your life so that you may learn from your mistakes. Gemini - Focus on...
Monthly Numerology Prognosis for MayMonthly Numerology Prognosis for May
09 May
To find out what numerology has in store for you for the month of May, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a...
Zodiacal Horoscope Until May 8Zodiacal Horoscope Until May 8
04 May
The New Moon for the month of May takes place this Friday, occurring in the sign of Taurus. This week 5 planets will be retrograde, 3 of which will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Aries - Be careful with...
Historical Figures That May have Never ExistedHistorical Figures That May have Never Existed
10 Sept.
The lives of many historical figures are shrouded in myths and legends but there is plenty of proof that they were real people, leading real lives, that they did exist. There are however, a number of historical...
Horoscope for All Signs for May 11Horoscope for All Signs for May 11
11 May
be exact on Sunday. Aries The day is not a particularly bad one. You may even make a wish come true. Even if you're beset by doubts during the morning hours, there won't be any sign of them in the afternoon...
Your Daily Horoscope for May 5Your Daily Horoscope for May 5
05 May
. You're facing a choice at work but you will make the right decision. Pay particular mind to every hardship, no matter how small it may be, because it's the little things that cause big problems. Gemini Set aside...
Your Horoscope for Today - May 31Your Horoscope for Today - May 31
31 May
that will charge you with a positive mood until the end of the week. Gemini - Today you'll be in an exploration mood, especially in the home setting. By bringing order to your home you may discover items you've lost...
Your Horoscope for Today - May 30Your Horoscope for Today - May 30
30 May
tangled situations. Take maximum advantage of your potential because the inspiration and enthusiasm may soon leave you. Sagittarius - Your day won't be particularly fruitful and this will make you feel useless. But the...
Your Horoscope for Today - May 27Your Horoscope for Today - May 27
27 May
creative field will also have apprehensions today. Scorpio - You may end up standing between 2 friends who are arguing today and be their arbiter. Weigh the arguments of both of them well and try to bring peace by...
Your Horoscope for Today - May 20Your Horoscope for Today - May 20
20 May
appear, taking advantage of your apprehension. Curiosity will help you today and with it you may find new options for working more efficiently. At the end of the day you may give in to romance. Leo - Your...
Your Horoscope for Today - May 19Your Horoscope for Today - May 19
19 May
on. You may hear out the problems of others and give your opinion on the issue. The fact that you're a needed adviser to others will fuel you with enthusiasm but you shouldn't, while caught up in the problems of others...

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