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Facts about Muhammad Ali you May Not KnowFacts about Muhammad Ali you May Not Know
16 June
He went to the police and told them about the theft. The police officer who filed the report also happened to be a boxing instructor at the local community center. He suggested that the boy sign up....
Unbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not KnowUnbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not Know
04 July
A little-known fact about these majestic animals is that they can communicate with each other even using their feet....
Strange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not KnowStrange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not Know
04 Nov.
The latest evidence reveals that it had religious functions, that it served as the spiritual center for the Incas, with primarily priests and their families living there....
Facts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not KnowFacts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not Know
14 Oct.
If you're among the people who are interested in this mysterious moon phase, read on to find out some facts and myths about it you may not know......
Facts about People with Grey EyesFacts about People with Grey Eyes
29 Oct.
Here are several curious facts about them: - People with grey eyes are sensual, ones who seem to live in their own reality....
Facts about people with black hairFacts about people with black hair
20 Aug.
Here are some interesting facts about raven haired people: 1. It is believed that people with black hair are more energetic and more vibrant than others. 2....
Facts about people with brown hairFacts about people with brown hair
30 July
On the other hand, people with brown hair have an average of fewer hairs: between 100, 000 and 110, 000, much less than blondes, who have about 150 000....
Facts about people with colored eyesFacts about people with colored eyes
24 June
They like to exaggerate, especially when they tell a story about themselves, but they do not do it with bad intentions or the idea that they want to outright lie....
Facts about people with green eyesFacts about people with green eyes
25 Feb.
Sometimes people with this eye color are selfish. It is appropriate for green-eyed people to fill their life with people who are fans of the golden life....
Facts about Space That Both Terrify and FascinateFacts about Space That Both Terrify and Fascinate
01 Dec.
And yet, the human race is decided on going out and exploring space. Here's several facts about it that can simultaneously horrify and fascinate you....
Unexpected Facts about RainUnexpected Facts about Rain
19 Jan.
But there are a number of phenomenal facts about rain that few people are aware of and we'd like to share. 1. The place where it rains most frequently is the mountain of Waialeale in Kauaʻi, Hawaii....
Curious Facts about LightningCurious Facts about Lightning
24 Aug.
Here are a few curious facts about lightning: More than 25 million streaks of lightning flash across Earth's surface annually. If divided equally among the number of days that means 100 per second....
Interesting Facts about SnakesInteresting Facts about Snakes
16 Oct.
The kingsnake attacks its victim with lightning speed, then contracts its body like an accordion, to swallow the food. Next, it regurgitates part of the victim it does not eat. Snakes eat their offspring....
Moses Did Not Part the Sea - He Was Familiar with High and Low TidesMoses Did Not Part the Sea - He Was Familiar with High and Low Tides
18 Dec.
Parker is not the first to propose this theory about the miracle of Moses....
Several Unbelievable Facts About DreamsSeveral Unbelievable Facts About Dreams
01 Aug.
We only dream things we're familiar with One may often have dreams where strangers bump into them in various situations....