Choose a Mountain! Find out What to Change in your Life

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You feel as if the life you are leading doesn't correspond well with your dreams. You need to break the bonds and try something new. Due to various reasons you are not undertaking anything but simply going with the flow. But while you wait for a miracle, time continues to pass. Don't wait for the right moment, act now!

Nature is the most remarkable artist. It creates landscapes that intoxicate us with their beauty. One can stare at them for hours and still want more! They are so eloquent that our eyes thirst for them.

But the interesting thing according to psychologists is that what our eyes seek describes our own inner world. Alluring landscapes are a reflection of the soul. They represent our desires, dreams and fears. Sometimes they reveal our mistakes as well.

This is exactly what today's test can show you. Take a look at the 4 images of mountains. Choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Next, find out below what your choice reveals about your behavior. Find out your biggest mistakes and what you need to change.

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