Bible predicts a hellish winter in the year of the Tiger

Bible predicts a hellish winter in the year of the Tiger

The winter of 2010 may be the most cold and horrible in the history of mankind. This information is found in the Bible, according to the famous Christian scholar and expert on sacred text, Dr. Jason Hameil.

Apocalyptic prognosis is concerned for America, where victims of the icy cold winter will be tens of thousands of people. It will cause a crisis and panic in many large Cities.

We expect a winter nightmare predicts Hameil. One cannot describe the number of deaths and destruction. I wish I could say at least one good news. But I found in the Bible more than 50 key predictions that are in the Book of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. In it is stated that just in this year God will vent his wrath on people, especially in America, so it is noted by Hameil.

Interestingly, however, how great prophets of the Bible are generally aware of the existence of America during the creation of their writings, many centuries before the continent was to be discovered.

According to Dr. Hameil the ice apocalypse will interrupt electricity, roads will freeze and will pin phones and the Internet.

Many drivers will find their death, frozen on motorways in the United States.


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