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Birth in the Year of the Snake

Green snake

Those born in the Year of the Snake are complex personalities. At birth, are endowed with wisdom, but with introversion. They are often stingy and sometimes selfish. They believe only in their own judgment and are mindful of the hars judgments of others.

Those born in theYear of the Snake are strong, determined and purposeful, harder on failures. Seemingly calm, but concealing their passionate nature. Characterized by attractive appearance and rich common culture.

Most harmoniously, they get along with those born in the year of the buffalo and Rooster. The are less easy to live with for a Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse and Sheep. Disagreement can be expected with a Tiger and a wild boar.

Curious kid

People born in the year of the Snake are characterized by wisdom and mystery - the highest level in comparison to the other signs of the Chinese horoscope. So their eligible professions are in the field of philosophy, theology, politics, and financing activities. The snake is an intellectual individual who likes to live well, literature, music, elegant clothes and good food, but often this mindset creates problems in communicating with others and in most cases are considered as interlocutors for stupid.

Snakes like to communicate on various topics, easily getting bored of pointless conversations. They also prefer unusual ideas and intellectual topics.

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Those born under this Chinese character rarely seek others' opinions and prefer to look for the answers themselves. Although they do not like getting advice, snakes are patient when it comes to the problems of others. They strongly believe in what they do, and rarely put effort into lost causes.

A flaw in the character of those born in the year of snake is that you can not just relax. Often they are unable to rest and continue to think about work. Snakes are surrounded by loyal and caring friends, but at the same time, their anger can be provoked from virtually anywhere. They are hypersensitive to lies.

They will impress others with snake venom and charm. A snake always stands out in a crowd – it’s style is brilliant - from appearance to behavior.

Those born in the year of the Snake are not the most talkative. They are usually serious and therefore maintain the interlocutors impression of being gloomy. When you have something to say, however, your eloquence is impressive.

Those born under the Chinese sign of the Snake are smart, gifted with a good memory and deal well with financial matters. They speak quietly and soberly, are persistent and have strong character. They also stay true to their family and friends.