Soulmates and Synchronous Relationships

Every single day we encounter a ton of people, some which leave our lives quickly, while others turn into an inseparable part of them. Even short encounters shape our lives one way or another.

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung was convinced that among the random coincidences there were also ones that expressed a real connection between our psychological state and that which is happening or can happen in the world around us. He called this synchronicity.

Thanks to synchronicity, throughout our life cycle we will encounter 5 types of soulmates who will play a role in our existence.

Those who challenge us

Beach Run

These are the individuals who enter our lives to remind us of our goals and long-forgotten dreams. They grant us energy and motivate us.

Those who urge us on

Happy Couple

These are the people who come into our lives in order to put us on the right road. Their brief appearance has a long-term influence on us. They lead us down the path that is right for us. This includes short-term relationships, such as someone with whom you've texted or emailed, or someone you've met on social media.

Those who teach us


These are the ones who make us grow. They teach us lessons, easy and hard, that we cannot learn on our own. They teach us to be a better version of ourselves. They can be friends, teachers, romantic partners.

Those who are around us


These are the most insignificant relationships but can still bring us wisdom. They are all those with whom we exchange smiles or have a word or two. Even through small gestures, they help us grow. These types of individuals are, for example, the waiter in your favorite restaurant, your new neighbor, the coworker you don't normally talk to.

Those who stay


These are the ones who think like us. They're not passers-by or teachers, they are companions in life. They play a major role in our lives and can be part of it from our birth or appear later on. These persons are the most significant to us and should generally remain by our side forever. Not only do they help us get up when we fall, they open our eyes to a different viewpoint, are happy for our successes and mourn our failures. We never want to lose these people.

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