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These Dreams Suggest That you Should End your Love Relationship

Dark Forest

Dreams have long been seen as harbingers of fate. It's thought that they provide us warnings about the future and if we were to learn to read them right we'd avoid serious hardships.

Dreams can of course focus not only on our professional life but on personal experiences. These are often linked to our intimate world and through them our inner voice hints at facts which we try to hide from ourselves.

For example, some dreams can admonish that you're not happy with the person by your side, that the relationship has run its course and that you have to end the partnership. Find out what these dreams are and consider the issue. Perhaps you have need of a new love that will make you happier.


1. Forest

If you find yourself in a thick forest in a dream, one from which you cannot escape, it could be a sign that your relations are making you feel like a prisoner. You have to free yourself of these and continue forward.

2. Doll

If you're given a doll as a gift in your dream it's likely that you don't feel satisfied with your partner and are subconsciously looking for a new partner. It's best to clear up your relations with them before starting a new relationship.

3. Intimacy with another person

Anyone can dream that they're making love to a person other than their partner. But if these dreams start to become a common occurrence, your relationship is definitely on the verge of its downfall.

4. Yellow rose


This type of dream indicates that you have a tendency to cheat on your partner. With such a risk present, it's best to end the relationship before someone gets hurt emotionally.

5. Shoe

If you see just one shoe in your dream it means you're feeling lonely and misunderstood in your relationship. These types of relations are usually harmful and it's best if you put an end to them.