Your Horoscope for September 7


The New Moon in Virgo will occur on September 9, with the influence of the event extending to the days prior. This means we will feel the New Moon even today. Even the lazier of the zodiac signs will feel a desire to change their lives for the better.

That is why they will feel the urge to work more, show greater responsibility and discipline than usual. They will also be tempted by the idea of starting new ventures.

But before we look to the future, let's not forget about the present. The day is suitable for finishing all old tasks. Additionally, it will bring you luck if you have to take a test or come up with original solutions.

Today you'll also be communicating ideally with others. You'll be providing useful advice and easily attracting collaborators to your personal causes.

Be cautious in the evening. As night settles, your assessment of others may become muddled. Don't give in to temptation and beautiful words. Someone may take advantage of your weaknesses in order to seduce you.


Don't pay any mind to those who hold their nose in the air and boast of their successes. It's likely that they feel you're their competitor and wish to crush your self-esteem. Do not give them the satisfaction. Congratulate them on their successes and prove to them that you're happy for them. Disarm them with your blinding smile.


Today it's possible that tiny misunderstandings will ruin your mood. Try to react calmly to the situation and don't get overly upset. If you maintain your self-composure, you'll quickly find a solution to your problems. Otherwise, things will become further complicated and only worsen your mood.


Today you're going to feel strong empathy toward others around you and easily soak in their emotions. Don't linger long around people with pessimistic views on life because they will infect you with their negativism. Better to surround yourself with positive individuals who will set a good example and inspire courage for the future.


Cancers, the celestial lights portend that you're going to have an excellent day. The key is not to pay any mind to those frowning faces that you'll encounter at the store's cashier stands or while dealing with bureaucracy. After you're done with those, you'll have several hours filled with wonderful moments. Focus on them!


The day is more suitable for intellectual activities. Reading, writing and analyzing various situations will bring you satisfaction, peace and successes. If however, those sorts of things aren't your particular cup of tea and you prefer physical activities, be careful. Do not, under any circumstances, take on several activities at once and don't take risks.


Today you're likely not going to find the support you seek from those closest to you but you aren't going to be left all alone either. Just when you begin to think that everything is against you, you're going to find unexpected company. Someone whom you've until recently had a low opinion of will prove that your impression was wrong. That person will lend you a hand and bring a smile to your face.


Your day is going to be loaded with surprises and happiness. Interesting moments and proposals await you, ones which you've long desired. It's possible that this surprise will come from a loved one. But there is also a possibility that the coworkers in your office will have something in mind for you. Have a little patience and you will soon discover the reason for your good fortune.


Don't take criticism too personally. Today, someone will indeed say reprehensible words toward you but do not allow them to hurt you. In fact, this person does not intend to hurt you, only to open your eyes. So don't get upset with them, instead be thankful for their open commentary. They will aid your personal development.


The day is suitable for communicating with older members of your family. Brighten their day with your company but don't try to lecture them. Your older relatives aren't going to understand your viewpoint. So it's better to spare them it. Instead, think about fun activities that you might enjoy together.


You have a strange and even mysterious day ahead for you. It's as if your stuff is going to disappear on its own and you'll find yourself missing your car keys or wallet. Keep an eye out for these sorts of issues because you could find yourself in a difficult situation. Although, thanks to it you will meet intriguing personalities.


The day will bring you a pleasant surprise in the financial aspect, plus stability and more tranquility. You could win something from a raffle or find a small sum of money on the street. It's also possible that a friend will pay back an old debt. Or even for your boss to give you a raise.


You have a bright and unforgettable day ahead of you. Try to finish with your work tasks quicker because you mustn't linger too long in the office. Go outside, where interesting meetings, proposals and many adventures await you. The most exciting hours of the day for you will be the evening ones, when a fateful meeting will occur.

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