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Your Daily Horoscope for September 29

Daily Horoscope

Today we're going to be under the influence of the aspect between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, which raises our ambitions for new achievements in the professional and personal aspect.

Feel free to sign up for higher education or outline a strategy for the future which to follow. Now is the time to change and choose a new direction, with which to realize our potential.

Look at your daily routine, analyze your plans and decide whether you want to be doing whatever it is you are doing now in the future. If not, do something about it.


It'll be hard for you to determine what exactly is expected of you but even though you feel lost, you shouldn't try to bribe your productivity, especially at work, because this will have serious consequences. Review your projects in detail to check for anything you may have overlooked and don't rush to complete your tasks before you've set aside enough time to analyze and decide whether you've really done a good job.


Throughout the day you may be criticized more sharply than usual or have the people around you confuse you by saying one thing one moment, and the complete opposite the next. But you're not going to get anywhere by trying to appease others. So instead of constantly fulfilling others' wishes, put your own needs first and take care of them.


Even though you know perfectly well what makes you feel comfortable and cozy, open the door to new changes today and allow yourself to part with some of your old habits. The day's events will provoke you to get out of your comfort zone and discover new paths. Stimulate your creativity by diving into the unknown.


You're overly concentrated on one specific goal and it's possible you're missing pretty decent opportunities around you. Though you may like to realize your fantasy, open your eyes to reality because the changes around you could lead you to something better than what you're expecting.


Spend your money wisely throughout the day and even if an opportunity for investment opens up, don't rush until you've carefully looked into the issue. There's a risk of causing massive headaches for yourself due to hurried actions and conclusions. But if you're more prudent and seek information or exchange opinions regarding your ideas about your extra money, you'll be right on target.


Your fantasies are going to wash over you like a wave today and even if others keep telling you that your head's too high in the clouds, you shouldn't suppress your big dreams. Demonstrate your creativity boldly but refrain from radical actions regarding your long-term projects at work. Do find the courage to negotiate over what you don't like in your personal life though.


Open yourself emotionally to the people around you by trying to be honest with them and with your own self. You have the opportunity to forge solid relations but to do this, others must see you in your true light. Don't be tempted to hide behind a mask just to win yourself a compliment.


Throughout the day you'll be able to speak more freely about your needs and desires with others, while it depends entirely on you what direction the conversation will take. If you once again take an approach filled with doubt, instead of trust, you'll only create worse tension. Try to form stronger bonds by revealing the fears and secrets you have not yet shared.


Although like most folks you'd like your life to run smoothly, today you're going to have to accept your problems. Look at them like challenges that will bring out your inventive side, instead of rushing to complain. You have the opportunity to establish security and stability for yourself and those closest but you should not give up on your end goals.


Even if you're crystal clear on your big goals, if you don't take the first steps toward their realization today, they'll remain nothing but dreams. So invest more faith in your abilities and begin to take actions toward realizing your desires if you'd like to see results of some kind soon.


Throughout the day you're going to have to find out what the factors are that are working against your interests and to remove them. It's possible that you yourself have gotten into habits that are distancing you from your big dreams. So take a pen and paper, write down your greatest wishes on one side and how your day usually goes on the other. Compare both columns and if your day-to-day life doesn't reflect your dreams, it's time to make changes.


It's going to be difficult for you to give clear signals to the people around you today and even those closest to you will find it hard to determine what you really want. If you are unable to specify your desires through explanations and arguments, try to get close to others by revealing your feelings. You're a highly emotional person and whether an issue is personal or professional, it always provokes strong feelings. Don't hesitate to talk about them.