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Read your Monthly Horoscope for September Right Here


The month of September is going to bring us back to reality. We're going to have to part with certain illusions and face the facts. Your expectations need to keep reality in mind.

Maintain order of some kind and strive to work only with information that checks out. Don't act blindly, instead set aside time to determine how adequate your ideas really are.

Throughout the greater part of September, we'll need to have our feet firmly planted on the ground, without making plans based on our grand fantasies.

Keep in mind the position you are in and act wisely. Toward the end of the month, opportunities will open for meeting new people, which will take our minds off work and any serious plans.

Aries - Prepare for unexpected circumstances

At the beginning of the month concentrate only on the projects that you're sure will be successful. Certain serious challenges related to administration and legal issues will appear. You need to organize better and be more ingenious in order to handle the obstacles. Starting from the 2nd half of the month, new opportunities will arise through which you can improve your earnings. Pay attention to all opportunities for earning extra cash and don't panic if unforeseen obstacles emerge.

Taurus - Work more diligently

This month you're going to have to have additional opportunities for increasing your earnings. Accept the aid of others; thanks to them you could sign successful contracts and enjoy excellent opportunities. If they're warning you about giving ground on a particular project, you'd best listen to them instead of being stubborn. Your work could bring you greater authority or send your career skyrocketing. All you need to do is be more serious, work despite the hardships and not turn down the additional tasks that arise.

Gemini - Pay mind to your professional ambitions

Devote the greater part of this month to your professional obligations and serious projects. Watch out for mistakes that could cost you a lot of money, think and act reasonably, without being misled by your incredible imagination. Carefully check every detail of your work and make sure that there's no oversights before moving on. Starting from the 2nd half of the month, you're going to have more opportunities for increasing your earnings. You have opportunities for profit through investments or finding a better job that will offer you a more solid paycheck.

Cancer - You will receive unexpected aid

At the beginning of the month you're going to have a lot of success when it comes to negotiations. It's also possible that unexpected allies will appear, who will support your ideas. You're going to feel secure with the support and collaboration that you receive, so act without worries. But to avoid problems, carefully check each point of the new contracts and don't let anything fall through the cracks at work. Conflicting situations are possible toward month's end. Be wary with how you use your words, in order to avoid worsening disagreements.

Leo - Be careful with money

At the beginning of the month you may be able to realize many successful deals, as long as you act with diligence and consistency. Business meetings will be successful but be cautious if you have to invest money. During the month there's a danger of you being mislead and falling further into debt. Retain a dose of skepticism when faced with promises of big profits. Up until the end of the month, set aside more time for taking care of your body. Daily walks, exercise and workouts in the gym will be beneficial for your physique and health.

Virgo - Start significant changes

The month will allow you the chance to start a new chapter of your life. During the first 10 days of September especially, you will have opportunities for great changes. You will feel the necessary stability to act and carry out your preliminary plans. Practicality and the attention to detail will be useful to you when realizing your plans. Also pay more serious attention to your health this month. Go to all your scheduled health checkups and make sure that everything with your body is all right.

Libra - Keep your plans secret

The plans that you haven't rushed to share so far will be realized successfully. Your ideas for improving your income, starting a new career or ambitions for a raise will be realized. All you need to do is keep quiet until you indeed see the results from your projects because during the first half of the month you'll be surrounded by ill-wishers, ready to trip you up and get in the way of your plans. Starting from the 2nd half of the month you'll be able to deal with certain financial difficulties. You may start something new that will bring you solid earnings.

Scorpio - Don't take on anything new

Don't do anything risky during the first 10 days of September because there's a high possibility of you being mislead and losing a lot. The period will not be suitable for new undertakings and risky projects. At the start of the month focus on the routine and familiar, to decrease the dangers you're exposed to. Starting from the 2nd half of the month you're going to have more opportunities for taking care of your finances. Your work will bring you good earnings but you need to set aside time for a break as well.

Sagittarius - Focus on projects that will bring you money

Expect a hail of proposals from your friends this month. But you shouldn't succumb to the enthusiasm, instead carefully analyze each of them. The period is not suitable for risky experiments because the consequences will be quite unpleasant. During September, concentrate on your work, which, even if boring, will bring you the required stability. Focus on the projects that can bring you money and concentrate all of your energy in them.

Capricorn - You'll be an example to others

You'll be left satisfied by the development of events throughout this month. Your innate love of hard work and tendency to plan everything carefully before you act will help you realize everything you have in mind. You're able to look realistically at the circumstances and this will help you figure things out faster than others. Act and set an example for others. A period of harmony awaits in your personal relationships as well. You're easily going to be able to find common ground with those around you and others will come to you for advice.

Aquarius - Start something routine

Assess your physical and psychological status this month before taking up anything labor-intensive. If you're running on your final energy reserves, you may end up making huge mistakes. That said, only take up projects you're sure you can handle. Assess your abilities and time well, before committing to anything. Routine and non-stressful tasks will create a feeling of security for you and even though you may dislike being in a routine for too long, don't undertake anything risky this month.

Pisces - Consult with those more experienced than you

This month you may find yourself to be more often unprepared for the circumstances that appear before you. You have need of peace and quiet in order to work on whatever it may be but the demands on you will prevent on you from restoring your spiritual peace. Instead of blaming yourself, accept that you can't know everything and consult with coworkers who are more experienced than you. You can forge quite a few healthy relationships that will help you with any difficulties.