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Find Out your Horoscope for September 8


The harmonic angle between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius is going to bring you the deserved recognition and rewards, as long as you don't give up on the tasks you've already started and show a little a patience.

You may be more touchy and explode easily because of the Moon's presence in Aries but you're not advised to ignite conflicts or drama involving the people you see every day.

Don't run from the challenges and once you take up a certain responsibility, don't try to go back on it. Stand behind your words and decisions because it is they that will benefit you.


If you have any unfinished business, now's the time to finish what you've started. Don't be tempted to start new projects, even if you're feeling highly enthusiastic. Don't abandon your old projects halfway through. Be patient and continue working at the same tempo - you'll be proud of yourself in the end.


If there are divergences between your words and actions, don't expect to be anyone's favorite today. But instead of making excuses or blaming someone else, step away from the situation for a while. This will help you see it from a new angle and keep you more objective. So don't create melodramas, instead give yourself a little time to mull over events.


Throughout the day, try to clear up the little misunderstands with the people around you by being direct and talking about your problems and goals. No matter how insignificant the discrepancies may seem, voice them aloud today because if you pass them by with indifference now, they'll only become much more serious in the future.


Even though you're more enterprising and ambitious than usual, be wary of your words and actions, for they can seriously hurt a loved one of yours. Head toward your goals with the same old confidence but make sure you're not getting in anyone's way or that your success doesn't come at the cost of another's misfortune because you aren't going to enjoy your achievements for long.


Look carefully around yourself today to see whether or not you're being manipulated by someone from your social circle. Before starting anything new, verify that you're surrounded by reliable people, whom you can count on in hard times. Don't allow yourself to be scatterbrained because this will cost you dearly.


Don't rush to share your point of view today, let alone defend it before others until you're convinced that your words will have a specific benefit. Just because you're well informed on the issue, doesn't mean there aren't serious gaps in your argument. Hear out the opinions of those around you because they can point them out, even if you don't like listening to criticism.


Do not allow the people around you to affect your self-esteem or provoke you to give up on your past set goals. No one's perfect, no matter what they claim. So don't let harsh words from the sidelines influence you or make you quit what you've started. It's time to show others your strength of character by standing up for your decisions.


Your achievements over the past several months may have stirred up jealousy in those around you and you're clearly picking up on that now. Try not to react dramatically by publicly pointing out the backstabbers, instead continue working with the same impetus, as if nothing has happened. You can't control the opinions and emotions of those around you but you can put up a clear boundary between yourself and them.


If you wish to raise your confidence level, make a revision of your reality and discover the obstacles that hinder you every time. You can use the information from your experience thus far by creating a model of your problems and attempting to find a solution step by step. You'll only escape the circle of difficulties if you realize the mindset that's pushing you in it.


Although you pretend to be hard, today you're going to have to accept that you too are an emotional creature like everyone else. There's nothing wrong with showing your weaknesses to those closest to you and seeking support while climbing toward a new peak. The belief your loved ones have in you is going to give you enough strength for you to deal with the challenges.


Try to make a positive impression in the people around you today by doing something to make them feel better. Small favors today may be repaid twofold in the future, so don't miss the opportunity to shine in your best light, without succumbing to small misunderstandings and provocations.


Don't rush to celebrate your small victories today and leaving tasks halfway done. Your confidence may be higher than usual but that doesn't mean that you should rest on your laurels and not finish old projects that you've begun. Organize your efforts and continue working where you've begun.