Omen: What will Happen to you if a Cat Appears Outside your Home


If you live in a house you've probably had an unfamiliar cat show up outside your door at least once. And the first thing that likely came to mind was that the homeless fur ball was looking for food, shelter and affection, since life outside is an overly difficult and dangerous one.

According to mystics though, the appearance of a cat outside your home can be interpreted another way. Some theories, related to the supernatural, classify the cat as a magical creature that alters the fate of its owner.

In many ancient cultures, cats were seen as energy conductors and living talismans. They were said to cure diseases and protect their owners from negativity.

It was also thought that if a cat appeared outside a given home, it would free it of negative vibrations and bring luck, good health, harmony and happiness to those living within.

So if you ever see a feline outside your door, never chase it away. Even if you can't bring it inside, feed it and give it water. The animal will appreciate your efforts!


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