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How to find out if you are jinxed

How to find out if you are jinxed

When you are convinced that the misfortunes that come upon you, appeared suddenly and without apparent reason, you can certainly say that someone is jinxing you.

This is evident especially in the fact that you feel bad without any health or other problems. Without any occasion, life suddenly lost its meaning to you.

How to find out if you are jinxed

In children, this manifests itself in undue irritability, and poor sleep at night. In your family there would be unexplained scandals, and they do not want to return home.

If you believe that you have all these symptoms, you have to fight the problem yourselves rather than rely on mediums and soothe seers, that in many cases are charlatans.

Ask your friend to take a wedding ring, and slip it in your cheek. If you get white line, everything is fine. Black lines, even if they appeared for a split second, are a bad sign. This means that the trouble that happens to you, is provoked by a jinx.

When the jinx is on a child, the mother must go church and buy a candle, to bring it home and leave it there for three days. At this time, all should refrain from animal products and alcohol.

After three days, when the child falls asleep, its mother must remove the candle, pray and light it. Around the head of the sleeping child, the candle should do three rounds.

If the flame leaps and blackens the candle, this means that the child has a very strong jinx. If the candle burns properly, it means that nothing is wrong with the child.

Do not allow strangers to stare at your child too long. Older people often cause it by using an object given by bad peson.

If you suspect that your foe is someone who was your guest, throw away the object that is the source of the bad energy, search your home carefully, and if you find something suspicious, immediately discard it.

A black cat can be much can help. It will save you from your bad mood, bad energy from home and show you what you overlooked. If the cat is not yours, it has to live in your home three days.

Take it, when at rest, in your hands, at night before bedtime. Put it on your knees and leave it for ten minutes.

If it wants to jump down, but before you took it, was calm, or begins to mew, then it felt the jinx.

If you have a black cat, it will show you which people can jinx you. When she behaves oddly to your guests, be alert. Another option is to check the jinx with an egg.

You need a just laid egg, or at least the one which is still freshest. Lie down and ask your friend to roll the egg three times on your face.

If the egg breaks, and begins to smell after a day, you've fallen victim to a jinx. But if the egg remains fresh, just throw it away because it has assumed negative energy from you.