Do you believe in reincarnation?


Almost a billion and half of people in today's Asia believe in reincarnation. This does not prevent a substantial part of the scientific world to challenge the existence of another life than the Earth.

In one of Jerome David Salinger stories he writes: "What one should do after his death, is to get rid of her body. God knows all what we've done to it a thousand times. The fact that you do not remember it does not mean that it has happened. "

It is reasonable to think that if reincarnation exists, then the sky should be crowded. Believers in reincarnation believe that death does not mean the end of life, but opens the door to another dimension, which is a transit station to the next life.

According to ancient Eastern traditions, the human soul can be gathered even in the body of the animal. Those who were lying on the ground when death comes upon them is believed to transmigrate into animals.

According to materialists, however, only fear of death is cause for belief in life before and after death.

The idea that the soul can be separated from their biological functions and leave the "tourist trip" from one body to another, is not perceived by the scientific world.

You must believe, because reincarnation does not exist not yet is there any evidence. There are hundreds of messages from around the world for people who remember their previous existence. Of course, there are no guaranteed authenticities of these messages.

In most cases, witnesses begin to remember between the second and fifth year and usually have memories for life, however the memories are suddenly interrupted.

There is a superstition in the East, that anyone who remembers their past life, will die young.


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